VynEL™ Badge Light

VynEL™ Badge Light

VynEL™ Light Strip - 1m

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The new VynEL™ 1M Strip Light is the world's most versatile, integrateable light strip that allows you to ADD LIGHT. ANYWHERE. Its flexible properties allow for a multitude of uses, from sporting goods, activewear, safety gear and much more. The future of lighting technologies is here today.

What is VynEL™?

VynEL™ derives from EL Tape or Electroluminescent Tape, but has numerous benefits over traditional EL Tape which provide a multitude of uses. VynEL™ is far more flexible, which makes it take the shape of any number of products, actually provides lighting from both sides, gives a unique high-end texture, provides better hold and flexing capabilities, better heat and cold resistance, better water resistance and more. From fabrics, walls, and more, VynEL™ allows for an integrated light just about anywhere you see fit. The bending radius is a mere 5mm, which is nearly 10x better than typical EL Tape. Next, application is simple. For fabrics or textiles, it can be sewn or heat bonded directly into fabrics. Because we've removed the stiffer metal backing that EL Tape typically has, it allows the product to take the shape of other objects, not the other way around. It's waterproof in nature so it's capable of being worn, or placed on any number of objects. VynEL™ also shines over 2x brightness over traditional EL Panels. Because of the space age materials used, it also has a unique ability to glow on both sides (1 side is approximately 1/4 the brightness). This can be desirable in locations where double sided illumination is required like tents, safety gear, outerwear and more. Think about wearing a lit jacket and being able to reach inside to help find your phone or a pen. 

Does VynEL™ Need An Inverter?
Yes. At its core, VynEL™ is an Electroluminescent based lighting product, and it needs a high frequency to make it work. The way we've designed the materials, allows VynEL™ to be powered from Parallel EL Inverters. Stay tuned for our new Tinko™ line of inverters!

Why Use VynEL™ over a regular EL Panel?
VynEL™ gives you the ability to integrate lighting into countless applications; Tents, sporting goods, athletic wear, and more. When comparing the brightness to standard EL Panels, VynEL™ glows at over 2x the brightness. Its space-age, waterproof materials allow the product to be thrown in the wash, and has much more waterproofing capacity than standard EL Panels.

This product is just the light strip itself and does not include an inverter. We recommend using the Tinko Inverter for the ideal integration into garments. Strip has male EZ Snap Connector on one end, female EZ Snap Connector on opposite end.

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