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  • next evolution of EL Wire
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Laser Wire Blog

  • VynEL™ - The World's First Light Designed For Wearables

    Jul 27, 2016/ Comments (0)

    We are excited to announce a new lighting product to the Future illuminations family. We introduce, VynEL™, a super flexible, crushable lighting product designed specifica ...

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  • How Laser Wire Can Enhance POP Displays

    Jun 14, 2016/ Comments (0)

    POP Displays (or Point of Purchase Displays) are used in retail, department, and electronics stores around the globe, and have the primary job to draw attention ...

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  • Inside OpalDrive

    Apr 14, 2016/ Comments (0)

    OpalDrive is an incredibly powerful, compact Laser Wire system consisting of high quality laser diodes, an integrated rechargeable Lithium Ion 2200mAh battery, multiple bl ...

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  • Introducing OpalDrive - The World's First Laser Wire™ System

    Jan 30, 2016/ Comments (0)

    We are excited to announce the worldwide premier of Laser Wire™, the world’s brightest, longest lasting, flexible, lighted wire, made with Corning® Fibrance® ...

    System Administrator Read More


Lighting Tech of The Month


EL Tape - Illuminate Your Light

EL Tape is a great accent to hallways, movie theaters, retail spaces, restaurants and bars. It takes very little power, lasts a long time, and comes in many colors, which fits tons of decor. It can be custom cut, or comes in long reels, so it's perfect for designers or architects looking for an industrial, even, and beautiful lighting product.