VynEL™ Sphere panel Light

VynEL™ Sphere panel Light

VynEL™ Cling Large Sphere

VynEL™ Cling Large Sphere

VynEL™ Flow Sample Kit

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The NEW VynEL™ Flow Sample Kit will in every sense, blow you away! VynEL™ Flow is our newest and some say, most impressive VynEL™ panel to date. Made with a quasi-stretchable material that forms to your fabrics, garments, or product and bonds beautifully to many different textiles, anyone looking to launch their product line into the lighting space will definitely want this!

Included in the sample kit is 1 VynEL™ panel sample, battery pack, and a stretchable heat bonding agent, allowing you to heat press (or even iron) directly only clothing. We include the instructions you need to be glowing and bonded to fabric in a matter of a couple minutes.

Panel Measures: 1" x 9.25" (25.4mm x 235mm) - Lit Surface: 0.375" x 7.875" (10mm x 200mm)

What is VynEL ™ Flow?
VynEL ™ Flow is a new iteration of the VynEL ™ product line that incorporates the most advanced materials, giving you a semi-stretchable, completely customizable, soft touch light that flows with the fabrics it touches. No longer are the days where you have to sacrifice durability for flexibility, or beauty for safety.

How Customizable Is It?
VynEL™ Flow can be fully customized to nearly any shape, size or color. We charge a $500 NRE (Non-Reoccuring Engineering) Fee for any custom plate charge which we keep on file for up to 10 years or the life of the project. The customization can include custom logos, shapes, graphics and more.

What Is VynEL™ Flow Used For?
VynEL™ Flow is meant for bonding to fabrics to allow garments to stretch, bend, flex, and fit just like they would without light. We see common applications of VynEL™ Flow to be used in outerwear, activewear (like yoga clothing), cycling, safety, wetsuits, tactical, police, fire, bags, aerospace, automotive, and much more.

I Have A Custom Project, How Do I Proceed?
We would love to work together on your project. Please contact us at info@futureilluminations.com or call 877.615.6556.

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