VynEL™ Cling Large Sphere

VynEL™ Cling Large Sphere

VynEL™ Splash 1M Strip Light

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While VynEL™ by nature is water resistant, it is not meant for submersion. Because of this, we introduce our newest iteration, VynEL™ Splash Waterproof Strip Light. This product is a one of a kind, flexible lighting strip meant for use in marine applications, like boats, search and rescue, wetsuits, life jackets, ponds and more. Now the sky is truly the limit with this fully encapsulated lighting strip.

This product is just the light strip itself and does not include an inverter. We recommend using the 9V Battery Pack for brightest results. Strip has male EZ Snap Connector which is NOT Waterproof. This strip is designed for Engineers and product developers to see and feel the technology. We recommend working with us to create customized shapes for specific applications pertaining to your project. For more informaton on how we can incorporate VynEL™ Splash into YOUR next project, please call or email us: 877.615.6556 or info@ellumiglow.com

VynEL™ Splash Strip Measures: 4cm x 110cm (1.5" x 40")
Lit Surface: 1cm x 100cm (0.375" x 39")

What is VynEL™?
VynEL™ is a new form of Electroluminescence, which has additional properties compared to older EL technologies like EL Tape, Panels, or Wire. VynEL™ is extremely flexible, which makes it take the shape of any number of products. 
Does VynEL™ Need An Inverter?
Yes. At its core, VynEL™ is still an Electroluminescent product, and it needs a high frequency to make it work. The way we've designed the materials, allows VynEL™ to be powered from Parallel EL Inverters.
Why Use VynEL™ SPLASH over a regular EL Panel?
VynEL™ SPLASH Lighting Strips give you the ability to integrate lighting into countless applications; water sports, water safety, rescue, and more.

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