Laser Wire® Pop 5m System

Laser Wire® Pop 5m System

Laser Wire® Super Pop 1m System

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This unique Laser Wire™ System is the brightest in its class, which provides a rich, even light up to 1m in length. This Super Pop specialty brand cabling is meant for shorter strands in mind. It offers the brightest light output of any of our ready-made systems on the market today. This length is ideal for tradeshow displays as well as for use in a variety of creative applications where it is important to create a bold, bright accent or focal point of a display. While it is difficult to discern over the length of the wire, the light intensity at the end of the 1m length is not as bright as the beginning. This is due to the light energy being diminished as it passes throughout the line. It can be noticeable if the beginning and ending of the wire are next to each other, so keep in mind when designing with this product.

Choose between colors as well as your choice in Laser module. The capsule module is a portable, plug-in module which is meant to be used in permanent or semi-permanent applications where it will be used continuously. It's small form factor is easily hidden and quiet design makes this product ideal for a replacement for any EL Wire application where noise or brightness has been a concern. 


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