Auralux RGBW LED Controller & Receiver

Auralux RGBW LED Controller
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The Auralux LED Controller and Remote package includes a mountable remote holder, making it easy to put the remote in your pocket, or bring it with you, but also allowing it to be stored in a holder on the wall when its not in use. With this controller you can alter the brightness of your LED's as you are on the move, or if you are anywhere up to 50M away from the receiver! This controller works on a 433MHz frequency so you won't have to worry about it interfering with your other electronics! This RGBW Controller is great for uses where you need to vary the light in both color and quality at any given time. The top buttons on the controller are able to easily change the speed and brightness of the light. The color wheel touch pad is where the color comes into play, you can seamlessly and effortlessly shift from one color to the next. The button at the bottom left also allows for mode switches so you can use integrate preset patterns into your lighting displays. The Auralux controller can be used in combination with RGBW and RGBA LED strips, so the color possibilities are endless! The wireless LED control is unique because it lets you decide for yourself about which color the light will be, and you can easily customize your own space. Auralux also provides a new CR2032 battery in the controller so it is already ready for use! As soon as you hook your lights up, you're ready to go!
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Manufacturer Future Illuminations
Specs Auralux RGBW LED Controller
Remote Dimensions: 59mm width x 100mm length
Controller Dimensions: 43mm width x 160mm length
Input Voltage: 12-24V
Output: 5Ax4CH (Max:20A)
Power Consumption: Max: 9A
65 Million color options
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