Auralite RGB LED Controller and Receiver

Auralite RGB LED Controller and Receiver

Auralux Retail Select Remote & Receiver

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The Auralux Retail Select RGBW Color Changing Remote is one of our favorites remotes to use around the office. It's perfect for design and retail professionals because of its ease of use, and feature packed SMART controls. Typically this level of customization is found on expensive server style systems, but the Retail Select LED Remote packs everything a retailer, designer, trade show professional or agency could want in an easy to use, stylish and compact design. Add the ability to learn and store scenes with the push of a button, and this remote will soon be your RGB LED color remote control for every project.

With Simple and Advanced controls, select popular colors easily from the color select tool. Advanced options allow you to control each diode individually to hone in on specific color palettes making this remote an ideal choice among designers. Other advanced options allow you to store and create your own fade patterns that are adjustable in color and speed. 

Comes with RGBW Remote and Receiver

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