Multicolored DualDrive Plug-in 8M Laser Wire™ System

Choose 2 of your favorite colors with this DualDrive USB Plug-in Laser Wire™ System and prepare to be amazed! Blend color seamlessly at a length of over 26 feet! Nothing like this has ever been seen in the lighting world. Brighter, slimmer, and more robust than EL Wire, you'll never want to look back!
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The 8M DualDrive Plug-in Laser Wire™ Kit allows you as the consumer to create smoother color transitions, at a length of slightly over 26 feet! This is an ideal product for projects that require a longer length of wire and more seamless blending, or fades between colors. The Dual Ended kit allows you to put a Capsule Laser Module at each end. With this, you can create gradients between any 2 different colored modules. When you plug the lasers in to 5v power, they will be a constant-on illumination. If you need blinking or fading capability, contact us at Laser Wire™ Cable allows you to pick what color your light is while using a sleek thin cable tube. With EL Wire, you are limited to one solid color, and a thicker diameter of wire to work with than our Laser Wire™ Cabling. When you use EL Wire, if you want to switch colors, this means you have to take apart the project and replace the full length of wire with a new color. This isn’t the case with Laser Wire™ Cable. You can achieve dynamic, engaging, innovative visual effects and you are allowed to change it up! This allows for endless customization whenever you feel like it! You can connect up two different colored USB Laser Modules for endless color customization.
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Laser Wire™ brand cable Length: 8 Meters (26.2 ft)

Laser Wire™ brand cable Diameter: 0.9mm (900um)

Capsule Module Dimensions: 0.55" (14mm) Dia, 2.15" (55mm) Length, Cable Length 20" (51cm) with USB Co

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