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About Future Illuminations

We came, we saw, we glowed. 

Future Illuminations is the one place you can count on for glow. We make all of our own lights, and we make them better than anyone else. From Electroluminescent inverters, to unique LED lighting, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the highest quality lighting products on the planet. Our custom division has some amazingly talented engineers that can literally make dreams come true.

A Note From Our CEO.

The world of glow as we know it is constantly evolving. Lights are getting brighter, circuits more complex, but the reason we exist is to show you the beauty in all of it. Over the past decade, we've seen the insurgence of a new lighting technology nearly take over the globe. These days, there is an LED replacement for nearly every type of light. While we love LED's and use them on many of our custom projects, we like to step outside the box and explore other lighting tech. FIPEL, LEC and EL are amazing lighting technologies that most people haven't heard of, simply because the world has been taken over by LED's. Many of these lighting technologies are perfect for so many practical applications surrounding the retail, event, and restaurant industries, as they have beautiful, even glows that beg you to stare. 

As we see the wearable industry grow in nearly every sector; tech, sporting goods, security, wellness, lifestyle, glamor and communication, each one of these industries needs a unique lighting application that suits the demands of these sectors. While LED's will certainly play their role in a number of applications, we encourage you to look outside the LED box and find a lighting that is perfect for your next project. 

We would love the opportunity to be able to show you how we can make your dreams come true. 

To all of you who glow, Thank you.

Justin Metras
CEO - Future Illuminations