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  • OpalDrive SUPER POP Laser Wire™ 1M System

SUPER POP Plug-in Laser Wire™ 1M System

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This one meter Laser Wire Plug-in Kit allows for bold accent lighting over short distances. Unlike anything else on the market, Laser Wire™ Systems are completely silent, and they outlast Electroluminescent technology. You can use Laser Wire™ Cabling without losing brightness, for years and years to come!

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Availability: In stock

The 1M Plug-in Laser Wire™ System is the perfect addition to any project if the goal is to achieve increased brightness over a shorter span of cabling. The One Meter Laser Wire™ System allows you to make a bold impact, even when you have a short distance to work with. With the purchase of this kit, you will receive a plug-in Capsule Module with a 20mW Laser Diode.The Laser Module has a pre-attached USB Connector, so all you will need to do is attach your Laser Wire to the Module, and then plug it in to a 5v power source or battery. Once power is applied, the light will illuminate and be a solid constant color. This kit is great for installation because if you want to turn off the wire all you have to do is unplug it, or you can turn off the power source it is plugged in to. The Laser Wire™ System is an all in one solution for events, trade shows, retail applications, costuming, and so much more. Besides being the brightest lighted cable on today’s market, it consumes the lowest amount of watts per foot, and is the lightest weight and most flexible illuminated cable solution that anyone has to offer. Give it a shot! Once you use it, you won’t be able to get enough! If you have any questions about Laser Wire or our capsule modules, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at: or 877-615-6556
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Future Illuminations (FI) is a full concept-to-market company and help take business ideas and turn them into a tangible, retail-ready product. Our engineering and product development team works directly with you to explore every option, and helps create a feature set that is important to your business. We have built custom electronics for over 16 years and can even help your write and submit your patents (if applicable). FI is your one-stop-shop for product development in the lighting industry. 

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We have extensive knowledge with sourcing overseas products and have manufacturing facilities in nearly every subset you could need. Whether batteries, circuitboards, electroluminescent materials and power supplies, when you need to take your product into production, we would love to use our knowledge to help manufacture quickly, and with the highest quality.

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