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What is Electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence is made from the element phosphor, and when a high frequency is applied to the phosphor it lights up. Phosphor typically comes in powder form, so it can be powder coated onto various materials, like wire (EL Wire), sheets (EL Panels), and paint (you guessed it, EL Paint). 

What is the difference between EL, and FIPEL?

All of these products come from the same roots, which is Electroluminescence, and essentially from the same core product, phosphor. EL (or Electroluminescence) as we know it today is where an alternating current bounces between two electrodes. When EL is between the electrodes, the phosphor particles get excited and light up. FIPEL (or Field Induced Polymer Electroluminescent Technology) on the other hand, contain layers of polymers with an iridium compound and a small amount of carbon nanotubes. These all equate to 1/10,000 the diameter of a human hair! Because the size is so tiny, and because they are primarily made of plastic, they can be molded into virtually any shape or size. While it may be able to replace any old light socket soon, many new applications of light will soon be seen using this technology. 

Is Laser Wire™ the same as EL Wire? 

No. These are two different technologies. EL uses a phosphor based light, and Laser Wire™ as you might guess uses, freakin' laser beams. Laser Wire is a brand new technology that derives from Corning Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber. We make custom modules and custom profiles to give Laser Wire™ a multitude of looks. From sewing into garments, architectural elements, aerospace and more, Laser Wire is the best new lighting technology for the wearables market.