Single Color Plug-in Laser Wire™ 2.5M System

Our 2.5M Laser Wire Plug-in Kit allows you to add light anywhere! Use our Laser Wire™ System for endless applications. A solution that is guaranteed to make your brand stand apart from the rest!
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2.5M Plug-in Laser Wire™ System is a great choice for versatility across endless creative projects. Laser Wire™ Cable is the thinnest and brightest cabling on the market. With the properties of a thicker gauge of fishing line, it allows for extreme flexibility. The maximum bending diameter is 5mm, and it will outlast any EL Wire on the market. Laser Wire™ Cabling doesn’t fade from ultraviolet rays, this means that if anything happens to the Capsule Laser Module, you can just replace it. This allows you to easily switch the color of the Laser Wire™ Cable by unscrewing the connector and hooking up a new Plug-in Capsule Module module in its place. Every module is powered by a 20mW Laser and it will illuminate constant-on when it is plugged in to power. Unlike when using EL Wire, Laser Wire™ sidesteps the trouble of having to dismantle your project, or ever having to replace the full length of wire. In the long run, it is an investment you won’t be disappointed in. This solution is perfect for creative individuals in the market for retail applications, costuming, consumer products, bold accent lighting and so much more.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in a higher powered Laser Module, or if you would like to custom program your Laser Wire. You can reach us at or 877-615-6556

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