2016-07-27 18:18:49

We are excited to announce a new lighting product to the Future illuminations family. We introduce, VynEL™, a super flexible, crushable lighting product designed specifically for the wearables market. This new generation of EL technology allows for more flexibility, durability, and gives many more uses. With the addition of Tinko, the first EL Inverter designed with wearables in mind, the combination of  VynEL™ and Tinko allow for the best wearable lighting to date.

For more information on VynEL™, Tinko, or looking to explore with EL Technologies into wearables, please contact us at info@futureilluminations.com. We work with Fortune 500 Companies to develop and integrate into sporting goods, outer wear, safety gear and more. 

VynEL by Futureilluminations

VynEL in multiple colors by Futureilluminations