2016-01-30 18:01:19

We are excited to announce the worldwide premier of Laser Wire™, the world’s brightest, longest lasting, flexible, lighted wire, made with Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber. Laser Wire’s is powered by a sophisticated laser module designed in house and addressing the major concerns of laser safety, while packing it full of features important to our customers. With a slim design, OpalDrive is incredibly sophisticated using a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, lasting over a full day per charge. Lightweight and compact, the extruded aluminum casing is sleek and has a soft finish, making the power supply just as pleasant to look at as the light itself. Adding Blink, Fade and Constant on modes with a “push-n-hold” feature allows people to cycle through different modes without the worry of accidental button presses. This is especially important when using the product in active environments; cycling, running, camping, hiking, and more means long lasting portable light whenever you need it. Purchase a 5m OpalDrive Laser Wire kit and be sure to wow everyone.