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POP Displays (or Point of Purchase Displays) are used in retail, department, and electronics stores around the globe, and have the primary job to draw attention to products for purchase and inform the consumer at a glance. It can take a lot of resources and design work to ensure that a product presentation catches the eye of the potential buyer, creating a higher level of effectiveness. LED Technology over the past decade has been the primary technology used to illuminate and accent products to help increase sales, as well as enhance the purchasing experience, however new technologies advances allow for exciting new options. Laser Wire from Future Illuminations is a vibrant, flexible laser-based lighting accent technology that can easily be integrated into existing and new POP displays. The physical properties of this flexible illuminated glass fiber allow for minimum curvature bends up to 5mm, allowing for complex  displays and edge-based product illumination. Future Illuminations’ new Wavelength technology allows for Laser Wire to be integrated into displays that use textiles and fabric surfaces, by providing a sewing surface along the illuminated fiber for easy integration.

Laser Wire embedded in Wood

Unlike any other LED, neon, or electroluminescent technology currently available, Laser Wire gives off a shimmering effect that subtly changes based on perspective of the user, further drawing attention to any array of products, either from a distance or a walk by. It’s thin but bright profile allows edges and fine details to be accented in retail presentations. The wire itself is less than a millimeter thin and appears clear when off, making it invisible when it needs to be. The wire can be integrated as a primary , secondary, or accent lighting element into any retail presentation. It’s 0.9mm (900micron) profile not only allows easy integration into any POP display, but is also thin and brilliant enough to draw attention where needed.


The complete OpalDrive Laser Wire set includes 5 meters of illuminated fiber and Opal Drive -  available with a red, green, or blue output. This complete lighting solution is the most cost effective accent lighting on the planet when factoring in replacement and operating costs. For more information on Laser Wire or the OpalDrive system, please contact us at or 877-653-6616.

OpalDrive Modules in Red, Green, and Blue




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Inside OpalDrive

2016-04-14 00:02:09

OpalDrive is an incredibly powerful, compact Laser Wire system consisting of high quality laser diodes, an integrated rechargeable Lithium Ion 2200mAh battery, multiple blink modes, multiple installation modes and the ability to power externally through various high tech options. Let's show you how it works: 

The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is suitable for powering any OpalDrive module for up to 1 full day (24 hours)! The red module is the most efficient lighted wire on the planet, and typically lasts up to 26 hours on a single charge (blue and green versions typically between 8-10 hours), and lasts up to 48 hours in blink mode (blue and green 16-20 hours)! Blink mode and fade mode are included on all OpalDrive modules, as well as constant on mode.

The small switch next to the USB cable allows for multiple installation modes. Battery powered is always great when you’re away from power, or just want cleaner aesthetics from a sign or mobile installation.  When using for retail installations or restaurants, using in “install mode” may be better suited. In this case, any 5V input will allow you to power on your OpalDrive; A micro USB cable is included for quick charging options, which can even charge through a typical computer or laptop. This makes it awesome for DJ’s and anyone looking to spice up their desk or computer.

Want even more flexibility and control? Install mode is meant for interactivity. Put multiple OpalDrive modules together for spectacular lighting effects! Powering with Arduinos, DMX and other control systems have never been easier. To unlock the full potential of Laser Wire, try hooking up multiple modules to the same wire. Using two of the same colored modules will double the light output from the wire, or using multiple colors allows for great color changing effects, beautiful gradients, and more. Red and Green modules working simultaneously create rich yellow and orange gradients. Blue and Green offer vivid teals and great underwater effects. Blue and Red off stunning purples and pink gradients especially nice for events and retail installations.

To find out more about this incredible lighting package, visit our product page and feel free to contact us about any custom applications or installations. 

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Tesla, An Open Source Car?

2014-06-13 09:10:39

Tesla Motors, in recent news decided to invite other car companies, and future businesses to use its hard sought after patents to help grow the technology. Rather than hurt, they said, competition in the Electric Car market, could only help them as they are seen as the leader in the industry.

More on the open source patent can be read here:

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OpalDrive Laser Wire
What is Electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence, or EL for short, is an amazing new lighting technology that is already changing the lighting world as we know it. With some fascinating discoveries over the past few years, EL Technology has been accepted into the lighting world as a viable lighting source for many applications. In media and entertainment, EL provides a means for costume and decor lighting. For wearable technologies, it has provided a means to illuminate virtually anything safely, evenly, and with beautifully vibrant colors.