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  • How Laser Wire Can Enhance POP Displays


    POP Displays (or Point of Purchase Displays) are used in retail, department, and electronics stores around the globe, and have the primary job to draw attention to products for purchase and inform the consumer at a glance. It can t

    Posted in tech | By Futureilluminations
  • Inside OpalDrive


    OpalDrive is an incredibly powerful, compact Laser Wire system consisting of high quality laser diodes, an integrated rechargeable Lithium Ion 2200mAh battery, multiple blink modes, multiple installation modes and the ability to power extern

    Posted in tech | By Futureilluminations
  • Manufacturing EL Inverters In The US


    Over the past decade, Electroluminescent (or EL) lighting has been popularized by pop culture icons, and festivals, but one thing has remained constant. The world of EL as we know it has been scathed with cheap Chinese-made products and mater

    Posted in electroluminescence | By Justin Metras
  • EL Paint - The Future of Electroluminescent?


    EL Paint or Electroluminescent Paint is a revolutionary new lighting product that we are sure to see more of in the future. By harnessing various common painting materials, EL Paint is waterproof, cool to the touch, safe and can be applied to near

    Posted in electroluminescence | By Justin Metras
  • 10th Annual Electroluminescent Conference


    The 10th annual Electroluminescent and Optoelectronics Devices Conference starts on Sunday, August 31st and goes until September 4th, 2014 in Cologne, Germany. This meeting is the leading scientific conference focused on organic electronics and pr

    Posted in electroluminescence | By Kylie P
  • Tesla, An Open Source Car?


    Tesla Motors, in recent news decided to invite other car companies, and future businesses to use its hard sought after patents to help grow the technology. Rather than hurt, they said, competition in the Electric Car market, could only help them a

    Posted in tech | By Justin Metras

10 Item(s)

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OpalDrive Laser Wire
What is Electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence, or EL for short, is an amazing new lighting technology that is already changing the lighting world as we know it. With some fascinating discoveries over the past few years, EL Technology has been accepted into the lighting world as a viable lighting source for many applications. In media and entertainment, EL provides a means for costume and decor lighting. For wearable technologies, it has provided a means to illuminate virtually anything safely, evenly, and with beautifully vibrant colors.