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  1. LED Controllers (4)
Custom Lighting For The Wearables Industry

Future Illuminations works with corporate customers to bring their vision to market. We have over a decade of experience in the advanced lighting world, and over 17 years experience of advanced electronics work. Our background in lighting, optics, circuitry, and software make us the perfect partner to help bring your concept to market. We are a full-service shop that has experience in ecommerce, web design, SEO and app development, so we can even help after your product is finished and help bring it to market.


LED specializes in customized LED linear accent lighting applications. We produce top quality LED Strip Lights for commercial and residential lighting, including events, production, trade show and retail displays, and create unbelievable customized lighting displays using LED and OLED technologies. Our LED strip lighting product line is beautifully diffused with the launch of Pixel-Free LED to the market. It's quickly becoming a popular lighting product for events and trade shows due to its pleasant, diffused glow, and ease of installation.

For more information on how can help your business or product be displayed or manufactured, please call or email us at 877.653.6616 or

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  1. Pixel-Free LED RGB Strip Light - 5M

    The Pixel-Free LED RGB Strip Light is a beautiful color changing strip light that is pleasant to look at right out of the box. The RGB light strip allows trade shows, retail displays and more to integrate direct view lighting that's eye catching, easy to install, and wonderfully crafted.

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    Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price $179.99

  2. Pixel-Free LED Strip Light - 5M Strip

    The Wavelux 24V Pixel-Free LED Strip Light is wonderfully diffused LED Strip light that has become our favorite product for nearly any...

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    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price $159.99

  3. Pixel-Free LED Trim

    The new 24V Pixel-Free LED Trim is a wonderfully crafted LED Strip light that has ALL the diffusion done for you. The smooth silicone casing is soft to the touch, and includes mounting clips to create lighting anywhere.

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  4. Wavelux Dimmable LED Controller

    The Wavelux Dimmable LED Controller is an essential component if you want to dim any of your single color LED Light strips. The Wavelux LED controller can easily fit in your pocket, so it is an ideal solution to dimming the lights for a presentation, tradeshow, dinner or event.

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  5. Auralux 24V Pixel-Free LED Commercial Series RGB LED Strip Light

    The Auralux 24V Pixel-Free Commercial RGB LED Strip Light is the big brother to our popular Pixel-Free RGB LED, but made in a more industrial version...

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  6. Pixel-Free LED TRIM 4mm Wide Flexible LED Strip Light

    The Pixel-Free LED TRIM 4mm wide strip is a perfect blend of Engineering, brightness, functionality, flexibility and extremely easy to work with. The product is only 4mm wide, so when making Faux Neon effects, you can be sure to give the right appearance without all the hassle of trying to diffuse individual pixels.

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  7. Wavelux 24V Ultra-Short Throw Light Bar

    The 24V Wavelux Ultra-Short Throw LED Light Bar is a specially designed light bar for retail and tradeshow environments for customers looking to backlight SEG graphics, Vinyl Decals or common LED Light Boxes

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  8. Auralux Retail Select RGBW Color Changing Controller

    Auralux Retail Select RGBW Color Changing Remote is one of our favorites remotes to use around the office. It's perfect for design and retail professionals because of its ease of use, and feature packed SMART controls. Typically this level of customization is found on expensive server style systems...

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