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  • Dual Drive Multicolored POP 5M Laser Wire™ System

Dual Drive Multicolored POP 5M Laser Wire™ System

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Introducing one of our most popular products! The 5 meter DualDrive Option provides a length of Laser Wire™ Cabling that works for a multitude of creative projects! With this product you can also change the color of the strand at a click of a button! Switch between colors and create unique patterns and gradients to your heart's desire! We know you will love this product.
What’s better than one color? Two Colors! Introducing the newest and most innovative addition to our accent lighting products, the DualDrive Laser Wire™ System. This kit is a complete package that will allow you to change the color of your Laser Wire™ Cabling. With a DualDrive System, your Laser Wire™ Cable will be more versatile. It will have a connection at each end of the 5M cabling that screws into an individual OpalDrive Module. The DualDrive Laser Wire™ System is great for applications that would benefit from being able to change color. 5M DualDrive Systems provide you with over 16 feet of cable. With this, you can change the color of the wire at your fingertips with the click of a button! Blink, Fade and Constant-on modes on each Opal Drive Laser Module, let you decide if you want to fade between colors, create unique gradients, or you can create color patterns over the length of Laser Wire Cable. Try putting both modules in different modes simultaneously. Try connecting up a blue module with a red one, and prepare for a brilliant mix of purple hues. Choose your favorite colors and prepare to try something that is out of this world, and unmatched in the lighting market!

Laser Wire™ brand cable Length: 5 Meters (16.4 ft)

Laser Wire™ brand cable Diameter: 0.9mm (900um)

Opal Drive Dimensions: 4.17" x 1.00" x 0.90"
Input Voltage: 5V DC

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