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  • DualDrive Multicolored 1M SUPER POP Laser Wire™ System

DualDrive Multicolored 1M SUPER POP Laser Wire™ System

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Want a bold illuminated solution over a short distance? Want a color besides Red, Green, or Blue? The Dual Drive Laser Wire™ System option may be just what you are looking for! Use it for an array of applications and blink between two of your favorite colors...
This unique Laser Wire™ System is the brightest in its class. At this one meter length, we use our Super Pop Laser Wire™ Cabling Profile. This Super Pop specialty brand cabling is something we have developed with shorter strands in mind. It offers the brightest light output of any of our ready-made systems on the market today. This length is ideal for tradeshow displays as well as for use in a variety of creative applications where it is important to create a bold, bright accent or focal point of a display. The DualDrive Laser Wire™ Kit is able to retain and transmit the most light of any Laser Wire™ System, because it has a connector on each end. This prevents the laser light output from diminishing at either end of the cable. There is a minimal amount of light lost since a laser is shining down the optical glass core from both ends.

Dual Drive Laser Wire™ Kits let you choose your favorite color combinations as well. With this versatility, you are able to get a violet light output by combining our Red and Blue Opal Drives. Unscrew and remove one Opal Drive from the end and you also have the option to change the appearance of your display to put out solely Red or Blue light. This is something never seen before, and highly desirable in the lighting world. A technology that will leave you satisfied, and keep you from going back to that same old EL Wire you used to love.

Laser Wire™ brand cable Length: 1 Meter (3.2 ft)

Laser Wire™ brand cable Diameter: 0.9mm (900um)

Opal Drive Dimensions: 4.17" x 1.00" x 0.90"
Input Voltage: 5V DC

Not available at this time...

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