2014-10-09 04:03:20

Over the past decade, Electroluminescent (or EL) lighting has been popularized by pop culture icons, and festivals, but one thing has remained constant. The world of EL as we know it has been scathed with cheap Chinese-made products and materials. Most inverters on the market today are made with cost strategies in mind, many times they lack safety elements that will shock the end user if handled improperly. In addition, nearly every EL Inverter on the market lacks the engineering needed to make it a viable product in today's technological world. 

FutureIlluminations.com is actively manufacturing and engineering its own line of Electroluminescent inverters for large and small applications. The latest series, the MEGA series, utilizes technological advances to make EL Wire, EL Tape, Elastolite, and EL Paint glow brighter, last longer, consume less power, and is nearly silent. Made with all high quality components, EL Lighting has never had a better option to light up Electroluminescent technology.