2014-11-18 12:47:53

FutureIlluminations.com new MEGA100 inverter changes the game in how Electroluminescent Lighting is powered. Here we explore some of the changes, as well as dive into the technology a bit. 

All Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting requires a voltage and high frequency to make it work. This excites the phosphor particles and makes the product glow. Typically EL Inverters coming out of China have a giant coiled magnet which is meant to produce a relatively low voltage, yet a higher than normal frequency. With this method, most EL products achieve optimal brightness, yet lack some of the sophisticated features we're commonly used to seeing in today's evolving wearable electronics field. For instance, most EL Inverters on the market today lack the engineering to include various safety protections to both the device and the consumer. Because these inverters have a higher than normal frequency, many times these inverters emit a "humming" or "whining" sound, as this frequency reverberates in our audible range. 

The MEGA100 is a feature packed EL Inverter that addresses many concerns and shortcomings of nearly every EL Inverter on the market today. The advanced engineering inside this EL Driver boasts the following safety precautions, as a standard; 

No-Load Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Reverse Polarity



In addition, the way the MEGA100 is powered is drastically different. Included as a standard is 2 convenient methods to power the device; 12V Input which uses a standard barrel adapter to receive any 12V source, and a 9V Battery Backup. The 12V Input is the recommended for automotive, retail, and most other applications, however the 9V Battery Backup is a nice option for buildings, egress, and architectural elements, which requires a battery backup option, convenient for exit signs, and emergency lighting.